About Me

I’m a bass player and vocalist with 30+ years experience based in Ottawa, Canada. After cutting my teeth on the Montreal club circuit in the 1990′s with bands like We’re Easy, THC, and Dr. Sinister, as well as solo artist Bruce Corian, I began writing music with my brother (drummer Pat Ross) and keyboardist Carol Landry, with whom I had been playing music at our local church during Masses on Sundays. The music we wrote led directly to the formation of Eloquent Edge, a progressive rock-jazz band with influences ranging from Weather Report and Rush to Genesis and the Rippingtons, whose sound can best be described as ‘unique yet familiar’. In 2007 we brought my old friend Bruce Corian in to play guitar and eventually recorded “The November Sessions” in (appropriately enough) November of 2008. The CD is available on iTunes and CD Baby

My current projects include my live band X11 here in Ottawa, which takes up the larger chunk of my time. I’m also working with CBR2 (a unique ‘online’ band featuring guitarists Craig Currie and Rob Robertson, drummer Rob Hanlon, and myself on bass), and recording material for my solo CD (with Pat Ross on drums and a collection of guest musicians), which I hope to release later this year. I’m also working with a truly gifted artist from Florida by the name of Kephas, contributing bass tracks to his next CD release. I also recently had the pleasure to play bass on JMO’s new CD “Rise To Your Knees”. In between, I get asked to add bass tracks to songs by a variety of artists (contact me – I’m available for sessions!), and of course, will work on the occasional song with Eloquent Edge